Conservation Education

10348278_804300479628564_1926387756759595318_nConservation Education has an important role in our community conservation outreach. Our Elephant Aware and Predator Aware Rangers participate in this outreach programme by visiting schools with the Elephant /Predator Aware team and engaging with children and adults to help this community to live more successfully with wildlife. We show wildlife conservation films in the Maa language which has a tremendous impact in reaching the community.  Ultimately the goal is for Maasai children and young adults to lead the way in community responsibility to wildlife and the management of their own conservancy and futures in conservation and locally owned tourism.

We are finding partners to help sponsor Maasai children from poorer families with their school fees to enable them to have an education . Supporting the youth of today is building the conservation minds of tomorrow.
Mpopongi School 15 July 2014 003

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