Ranger Siranka (of Elephant Aware) was on his way to a nearby settlement with a friend while off duty on Tuesday morning when they came across a motorbike in the middle of nowhere. Seeing no people around, they decided to investigate and as they got closer they saw two men crouched down on the other side of the motorbike, appearing to be working on it. As soon as he saw their faces, Ranger Siranka instantly recognized one of them as being a notorious local elephant poacher whom many in the community know of. This particular individual has also been arrested multiple times in the past for killing elephants by the Kenya Wildlife Service together with Elephant Aware.

The two men became nervous and uncomfortable when Ranger Siranka started asking them questions about their motorbike, why they were in the middle of the bush and what they were doing.

“I said to the man I knew to be a poacher that I knew who he was and that I was going to report him to the authorities. After I said that both the men jumped on the motorbike and sped off. Because we were on foot we could not catch them, however we quickly alerted the local authorities, as well as the Elephant Aware team, who immediately responded.”

Both the poacher and his accomplice were apprehended by Kenya Wildlife Service and Narok County officials in an ambush an hour later.

“I am relieved he was caught because his presence is a danger to our beloved elephants who we work to keep safe.” – Ranger Siranka

Thanks to the courageous actions of Ranger Siranka, and the rapid response of the Kenya Wildlife Service and Narok County officials, these two individuals were prevented from killing more elephants that day and are in custody as we speak. Well done to all who made this arrest possible!