Brave Lenana

It all started with a malicious poacher spearing an innocent elephant who was harmlessly browsing in the bush. In this case, like many others, the elephant suffered horrendously for days before being discovered by any ‘friendly’parties. The young bull called Lenana of 24 years was finally seen by Elephant Aware rangers whilst on a foot patrol on Tuseday the 5th of March 2012 and at the time his wounds were invisible underneath the heavy coat of mud that covered his whole body. The only hint of injury Lenana had that day was an old abscess on his left flank, everyone agreed the abscess looked at least several weeks old and was not dangerous. However Lenana disappeared the next day and went up into the hill where the dense ‘nyika’ bush prevented the rangers access to see Lenana both on foot or in a vehicle. The same happened on Thursday and Lenana was not seen. On Friday the rangers finally got a closer glimpse of him and saw the pus filled wound near his RIGHT hip. Since even more days had gone by since Lenana was attacked his condition and general apperance worsened and the Elephant Aware team called for a vet to treat Lenana as soon as possible.

Fly 4 Elephants wall  

Lenana’s treatment went very well and the vet’s prognosis was positive.

 Spear out of Lenana

This gastly 16 inch spear head was removed from Lenana and it was lodged in between his pelvic bone and stomach. Luckily it did not pierce any vital organs and was taken out safely.