Ivory belongs to Elephants Walk – 9th to 23rd Feb 2013


Elephant Aware is supportive of a walk from Mombasa to Nairobi by Jim Nyamu in a strong and brave message against poaching, the killing of Kenya’s Elephants and Rhinos. We wish him Good Luck!!


Elephant Aware and Predator Aware Support Kenyans United Against Poaching Walk– Jan 22, 2013

Elephant Aware and Predator Aware are spreading awareness about the Kenyans United Against Poaching Walk in the Masai Mara on 14 Feb 2013. Our Walk on 22 Jan. 2013 in Nairobi was a great success partnering ANAW with over 300 people walking from The Uhuru Gardens to Uhuru Park. This sent a clear message that we Kenyans are united in wanting to stop poaching. The walk in the Masai Mara starts at 11:00 on 14th Feb 2013 from the Siana Gate to the Sekanani Gate. We urge all Kenyans and friends of Kenya’s wildlife – Make an Effort Come and walk against poaching!


Our Rangers Catch Poacher 30 Jan 2013

We followed the vultures flying above into a hill in very thick bush. Looking down we saw a dead Elephant and not far away we saw movement. It was a poacher. He was sitting near the Elephant. We ran after him and caught him. As we tried to take his spear and club he was fighting us but we managed to take his weapons away and tie him up. We called the Elephant Aware team and then waited for KWS to arrest him. This is a man we have been looking for Ole Peres and he has killed so many of our Elephants. We are proud of catching him…

ole Peres ololasurai ellies poached 016


Tenebo our beloved wonderful Bull Elephant was brutally murdered on Nov 24, 2012. He was 48 years old. He did not deserve this horrible death. He was a favourite character and will be sadly missed as all of our Elephants who are killed in this senseless way are. Tenebo in life and death

Inured Bull near Whiet Rocks woodland and poached Bull 26.02.12 045 (640x480)


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