Meet The Rangers

DSC_0092Ranger Partalala is 21 years old and he has been a ranger for almost two years now. He has grown up close to elephants and other wildlife and now he is working to protect them.






Ranger Story 003

Ranger Siranka is 23 years old and he has been a ranger for over three years now. His heritage, his wildlife, is rapidly disappearing and he is doing something to stop this…he is actively protecting elephants.




Photo credit: Kerstin Bucher

Ranger Mpeti is 24 years old and he has been a ranger for three years. Ranger Mpeti is a passionate, dedicated young man who, despite a leg injury that he never fully recovered from, walks as much 20 kilometres a day to protect elephants and all wildlife.





Photo credit: Kerstin Bucher

Ranger Konene is 23 years old and he has been a part of the team for 7 years now. He is one of our most experienced rangers today and has had the important role of helping train new recruits. Konene has lived alongside species such as elephants since he was a young boy, magnifying his determination to save them.

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