Who We Are

The Elephant Aware project was founded in 2009 and is a field-based project working to protect elephants and other ednangered wildlife in Maasai community lands within the Mara ecosystem in Kenya.

The three main threats to African Elephants today are poaching, human-elephant conflict, and habitat loss. Elephant Aware’s efforts revolve around all three and comprises of multiple components designed to combat and seek solutions to these issues facing the elephant species.

To effectively protect endangered wildlife, collaboration between conservation groups, projects, organisations and individuals is imperative. Elephant Aware activley collaborates with fellow conservationists within the Mara ecosystem and works closely with and has assisted the Mara Veterinary Team for many years in the event of finding, monitoring and treating injured animals.

Elephant Aware employs 12 trained Maasai rangers who patrol over vast distances daily on foot and with vehicle support. These patrols, in addition to other ongoing anti-poaching deterrents, have contributed significantly to improving wildlife security in the area since the project’s infancy.

The Elephant Aware project is based and operates in Maasailand and the rangers all Maasai and come from local areas which has strengthened their relationship with the community. Elephant Aware seeks to protect elephants and other wildlife and simultaneously uphold Maasai values in our efforts to create a harmonic coexistence between both.