The Elephant Aware Rangers

There are currently 12 Elephant Aware rangers and each are proud  Maasai men from local communities who work daily to secure their natural heritage through their vital work as wildlife guardians.

Ranger Simbai is an Elephant Aware community liaison who spends most of his time networking and helping his fellow community members during human-wildlife-conflict incidences and is constantly alert to any reports pertaining to elephants and wildlife security.

The Elephant Aware rangers walk long distances everyday in all kinds of terrain during their anti-poaching patrols however they also maintain their fitness in between patrols like Ranger Leposa!

The Elephant Aware rangers respond to all reports related to elephants and especially those pertaining to security and conflict.

The rangers recently had a lesson in the basics of First Aid which is an addition to their current skills and is an essential tool for all rangers.

Eeach of the Elephant Aware rangers have lived around wildlife all of their lives and this enhances their roles as guardians of wildlife. Because they grew up in the very same communities where they work today, they already have an established relationship with their own Maasai people.


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