The Ol Moti Women’s Group







Women are the backbone of many a society, and in Maasai land, women are vital members of the community who are seen as role models for children, especially young girls. The Maasai ladies of the Ol Moti Women’s Group are proud and traditional women.











On top of that, they are voices for conservation within their community. Elephant Aware has helped support this this women’s group since 2008 and we are very pleased with the continual growth these ladies have displayed, both as a team and as individuals.








The main needs of the Ol Moti Women’s Group at present are:

  • School supplies such as notebooks, pens, pencils and backpacks for their children.
  • School fee sponsorship (email us for details).








You can help by making a donation today of as little as $5. Simply CLICK and donate via PayPal. Or send us an email specifying how you wish your donation to be used: