Wildland Conservation Trust

Wildland Conservation Trust is field based in Siana Community Groupranch through the two vital anti-poaching projects, Elephant Aware and Predator Aware, that operate together under the umbrella of WCT. The Siana groupranch shares a forty kilometre boundary with the world famous Masai Mara Game Reserve. This remarkable area is an important corridor and breeding habitat for Mara/ Loita Elephant populations with the biggest bull Elephant population in the region. Siana is 170,000 acres and comprises much of the Mara’s woodland and WCT has worked to secure this vital Mara habitat.

WCT has two main projects, Elephant Aware and Predator Aware. We also work closely with the community in conservation education and with Women’s groups all connecting with wildlife conservation.


Mission statement: To create local controlled ownership and responsibility for Maasai communities in the future of habitat protection, Elephant and Predator conservation and livestock security.